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Topic B: Modifying and deleting macros
Copying macros
After you create a macro that is stored in a single document, you might want to copy it
to other files or templates. To copy a macro between files:
1 Open both the file containing the macro to be copied and the destination file.
2 Activate the document containing the macro, and open the Macros dialog box.
3 Click Organizer to open the Organizer dialog box with the Macro Project Items
tab active, as shown in Exhibit 3-6.
4 From the “Macro Project Items available in” list on the left side, select the file or
template containing the macro you want to copy.
5 From the “Macro Project Items available in” list on the right side, select the file
or template to which you want to copy the macro. If the file is not available in
the list, click Close File and then click Open File to display the Open dialog box.
From the Open dialog box, open the file you want.
6 From the In < file-name > list (where <file-name> represents the name of the
document), select the macro to be copied.
7 Click Copy.
Click Close to close the Organizer dialog box.
Exhibit 3-6: The Organizer dialog box
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