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Topic B: Modifying and deleting macros
Do it!
B-2: Copying a macro
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 3\Topic B .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Sales
You’ll copy the Table macro to this document.
Save the document as
My sales
This document is already a Word macro-enabled
2 Activate the “My macros
complete” document window
Click its button in the Windows taskbar.
3 Open the Macros dialog box
Click Organizer
To open the Organizer dialog box.
Observe the “In My macros
complete” list
NewMacros appears in the list. You’ll copy this
4 On the right side of the Organizer,
click Close File
The button name changes to Open File.
5 Click Open File
The Open dialog box appears.
Navigate to the current topic
Student Data folder Unit 3\Topic B.
From the file types list, select
All Word Documents
Select My sales and click Open
To designate My sales as the target file in the
Organizer dialog box.
6 Click Copy
To copy the macro from My macros to My
sales. Your Organizer dialog box should match
Exhibit 3-4.
7 Click Close
To close the Organizer dialog box.
8 Activate the “My sales” document
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