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Topic A: Creating forms
Topic A: Creating forms
This topic covers the following Microsoft Office Specialist objectives for exam 77-887:
Word Expert 2010.
Configure Word options
1.1.1 Change default program options
Create forms
5.3.1 Use the Controls group
5.3.2 Add Help content to form fields
5.3.3 Link a form to a database
5.3.4 Lock a form
Manipulate forms
5.4.2 Add fields to a form
5.4.3 Remove fields from a form
Types of forms
You might want to create questionnaires or display information in a specific format.
Forms help you perform these tasks. You can use Word to create three types of forms:
 Web forms are distributed on the Web. Users view and complete Web forms in a
 Printed forms are completed on paper.
 Word forms are viewed and completed in Word. They can be sent to users
through e-mail or posted on a network.
Form components
As shown in Exhibit 4-1, a form consists of labels and data. Labels describe the data
being stored. For example, “Employee name” is a field label, and its corresponding data
is “Jamie Morrison.”
Exhibit 4-1: A completed form
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