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Topic A: Creating forms
Field labels
You can begin creating a form by adding the labels that should be displayed with the
content controls. You can add form labels by typing and formatting the text that you
want to use for the labels.
When creating a form, you might consider creating a table to hold the form labels and
fields. By using a table, you can easily align form items, and you can add formatting to
improve the form’s visual appearance. For example, you could add a black border to the
bottom of a cell to create an underline in the printed version of the form, or you could
add a color to table cells to give respondents a visual cue about the locations of the form
Do it!
A-2: Adding field labels
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Create a new blank document
Save the document as
My form
In the current topic folder.
2 Type Employee professional
development survey
To add a heading for the survey.
Press e
To move to a new paragraph.
3 Type Employee code:
To create the label for the text field you’ll add
Press e
4 Add the next three labels, as
Press e
5 Update the document
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