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Topic A: Creating forms
Adding content controls
The tools for adding content controls are on the Developer tab, which is not shown by
default. To add the Developer tab to the Ribbon:
On the File tab, click Options to open the Word Options dialog box.
In the left pane, select Customize Ribbon.
In the right pane, in the Main Tabs list, check Developer. Then click OK.
On the Developer tab, you can use the tools in the Controls group, shown in Exhibit 4-3,
to add content controls to your document.
Legacy Tools
Exhibit 4-3: The Controls group on the Developer tab
To add a text control to a form:
1 Open or create the document you will use as a form.
2 Click the Developer tab.
3 In the Controls group, click Design Mode.
4 Place the insertion point where you want to add the content control.
5 Click the Plain Text content control or the Rich Text content control.
When you add a content control, it displays placeholder text, as shown in Exhibit 4-4.
This text tells the form user what to do, such as “Click here to enter text.”
Exhibit 4-4: Text content controls
To remove a content control from a form, click the content control to select it. Then
click the handle on the left edge of the content control, as shown in Exhibit 4-5, and
press Delete.
Exhibit 4-5: Removing a content control
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