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Mac Excel 2011
Mac Excel 2011
Creating, handling, and formatting charts in Mac Excel 2011 is similar to Windows
Excel 2007 or 2010. The difference is the look and feel of the menus. F11, the keyboard
shortcut, will create an instant default two-dimensional column chart on a new sheet.
The menu for creating charts is on the Charts Ribbon. To create a chart, click
on the desired group and choose the desired chart type. See Figure 6.40. You may
choose the subtype chart you want to create.
The other menus are similar to Excel 2007 or 2010. The menu may look dif-
ferent, but they work exactly the same way as described in the beginning of the
chapter. Figure 6.41 illustrates the Mac Excel 2011 menu.
Given that you followed my steps
this chapter does not need review questions.
FIGURE 6.40 The Chart Ribbon and Choosing a Speci
c Chart with Mac Excel 2011
FIGURE 6.41 The Chart Format Data Series Menu
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