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Part Two: IF Functions and Text Manipulations
IF Functions and Text
Part Two covers two commonly needed skills: the use of the IF functions, which
make Excel a better tool for decision-making purposes, and the Text manipula-
tion functions.
The IF function can be used when the information you want in a cell
IF you need to specify two (or more) different answers for a cell based on
conditions you determine. For example, if the hourly rates are different for regular and
overtime. Or if the commission rates are lower for less than $10,000, are higher for
over $10,000, and are much higher for sales over $30,000. The IF function is similar to
the statements you may see with software programming. It is similar to the steps you
would take when using a computer programming language without coding.
Text manipulation in Excel has some powerful tools. The first section in this part
will demonstrate how to separate data confined in a single column
spreading it into
a number of columns. Data acquired from different sources may come as a text file
or may be separated with spaces, commas, or other delimiters. You will learn how to
separate the data into columns.
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