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Chapter 8: IF Functions
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Figure 8.4 reveals all the formulas, using CTRL
(left apostrophe or accent mark
earlier) or CTRL
(tilde). The right side shows the results.
In Figure 8.5, I show how to use the IF function to calculate regular time and
overtime in a weekly payroll. The overtime rate is different than the regular working
þ B
salaries are calculated the following way: IF an employee
worked up to 40 hours a week, the salary
rate. Employees
Hours worked , otherwise I
calculate his salary for the first 40 hours to be Rate
40 , plus one and half times the
rate (Rate
1.5) for the hours worked over 40 (Hours worked
In cell E3 I have the following function:
40, C3*D3, 40*C3
The IF function in cell E3 has three parts:
1. The logical test is D3
40 : Regular time only?
2. The value if true: C3*D3 : Regular time only. Rate
Hours worked.
3. The value if
false: 40*C3
40)*1.5*C3 .40
See Figure 8.6.
FIGURE 8.5 Using the IF Function to Calculate Overtime
FIGURE 8.6 The IF Function for Overtime
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