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Nested IF Functions
FIGURE 8.7 The IF Function Menu
FIGURE 8.8 Double-Click to Duplicate Results
To activate a function, you can use the Excel Functions menu, the f x icon, or the
F3 shortcut. Select the functions menu (click f x or Shift
F3). Select Logical and
choose IF. See Figure 8.7.
Figure 8.8 shows the result on the left. When you double-click the drag handle,
the function is automatically dragged down (copied) all the way to the end of the
adjacent column, as shown on the right side of Figure 8.8.
Figure 8.9 reveals all the formulas, using CTRL
þ B
In many cases, you will need to have more than the two choices offered with the
simple IF function. For example, if you want to enter letter grades for students
depending on their achievement on a test: A for 90 and up, B for 80 and up, C for 70
and up, and D for 60 and up. Otherwise, they fail and receive an F. See Figure 8.10.
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