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Chapter 9: Text Manipulation
Text Manipulation
When processing data from other sources, you may either get information where all
the data is in one column or receive text files, which have the same problem. Upon
opening the file, all the data is condensed in a single column. Excel has a feature that
enables you to separate the data into individual columns. Look at the data on the
sheet shown in Figure 9.1. The cells in column one contain all the information that
should be spread out over a number of cells.
You can see in the formula bar that all the information is the in cell A3: Alfano,
Vincenzo, 19.4, 38.3. To correct this problem, you could use the Icon command in
the Data menu called Text to Column to reformat your data. Use the Text to Column
feature to separate the data into individual columns. See Figure 9.2.
Note that the data, in the cell, is separated by commas. (Excel refers to data with
a separator such as a comma as
data.) Separating the data into individual
FIGURE 9.1 All the Text Is in One Column
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