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One More Example
One More Example
On the sheet called Data on the Excel file called Chapter 9, I have information
downloaded from This is the Dow Jones Indus-
trial Average from January 1945 through January 2006. The data, as you may find
on many sites, is in a text file format; see Figure 9.10. The goal is to separate the data
into individual columns. Because of the way the text is formatted, you will want to do
it in two stages. Start with the
separating the date and average first (see
Figure 9.11) and only later separate the date with the
If you start with the
period, you will have a problem with the averages ending up in two columns.
In Figure 9.12, you can see how we first inserted an extra column and then
separated column A.
FIGURE 9.10 Dow Jones Industrial Averages
FIGURE 9.11 Using the Text to Column Menu
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