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Opening Text Files in Excel 2003
FIGURE 9.14 Text to Column in Excel 2003
FIGURE 9.15 Separated Data
On the menu choose Delimited, which means separated. On the following menu,
select Comma. See Figure 9.14.
When you select Finish, the data will be separated. See Figure 9.15.
Opening Text Files in Excel 2003
From time to time, you may get data sent to you as a text file and you can use
the same menu through the File Open menu to separate the data as was done in the
previous example. The data shown in Figure 9.16 is part of a text file with 1,000 lines
of data. The text file is called Text Example on the Excel file on the book
s web page.
Use the Open file as shown in
Figure 9.17. Choose Text Files for Files of type on the menu.
The Text Import Wizard pops up. It is identical to the Text to Columns menu
and the procedure is the same. See Figure 9.18.
The end result is shown in Figure 9.19.
Note that the data is separated with a dash
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