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You will find the data on the Review sheet in the Excel file Chapter 10:
1. The data on the sheet Review of Excel
le Chapter 10 has 20,000 values in A1:
D5000. Name the data in A1:D5000 with a meaningful name like Numbers.
2. Use the Excel statistical functions
menu to calculate the following: the average,
the highest and lowest values, the standard deviation, the mode, and the median.
3. Use Excel shortcuts to calculate the sum and the average of the data.
1. Select the range A1:D5000. Type the word
in the Name Box and
click Enter. See
gure below.
2. Average 1,300.18, highest 1,799, lowest 800, standard deviation 287.61, mode
1,559, and median 1,299.
3. Sum: 26,002,751, Average: 1,300.110.
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