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Chapter 11: Frequency Distributions
The results of the frequency distribution will be entered using Excel in the range
G2:G8. Since frequency is an array function, it is very important to select all the
cells that the answer is going to be calculated in. Select G2:G8. Choose the insert
a function, f x or Shift
F3, category: Statistical, function: FREQUENCY. This
navigation is shown in Figure 11.2.
The Function Arguments window will pop up. In the Data_array cell type:
DATA (or if you did not name the range DATA, select the cells on the sheet or type
A1:A500). In the Bins_array cell, select the bins F2:F8. See Figure 11.3.
FIGURE 11.2 Select G2:G8 for the Frequency
FIGURE 11.3 The Function Arguments Window
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