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Linear Regression—Using Excel Functions
FIGURE 12.4 Calculating Menus
FIGURE 12.5 Forecast Menu
The result for month 13 is 59. The formula can be dragged down to cells C13
and C14, showing the forecast for the following months.
The results of the additional months
calculations using the Forecast function are
shown in Figure 12.6.
Some of the conventions or features in Excel can be used to calculate things they
were not designed for. The results we just calculated
the values through month
can be duplicated without using the Excel Forecast function.
Copy the data to a new sheet. The AutoFill feature can be used to create the
regression when the data has the x values in a sequential and equal interval
as we
have our months in this example. The AutoFill feature is performing a linear
regression on numbers. Select all the values in column C and drag them down. The
amazing results are seen in Figure 12.7. You are performing a linear regression using
the AutoFill feature.
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