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Frequency Distribution Using Histogram
FIGURE 13.3 The Descriptive Statistics Menu
FIGURE 13.4 To Activate the Data Analysis Menu, Click on the Data Analysis Icon
You can also calculate the frequencies and create the frequency chart using the
Histogram feature of the Analysis ToolPak. Choose Data Analysis and select His-
togram. See Figure 13.4.
In the Histogram dialog box, type DATA for the Input Range and select F2:F8
for the Bin Range. The only selection needed is the last box on the bottom left called
Chart Output. See Figure 13.5. It will create the results you want. The results are
shown in Figure 13.6.
You may want to format the chart as we did before to eliminate the gap between
the columns. Remember? This is continuous data. Figure 13.7 describes the three
steps needed to format the chart.
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