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FIGURE 15.12 Formulas with Names
FIGURE 15.13 Creating Names in Excel 2011
To change the names in the cells in column B, apply the following procedure:
Select the two columns with the model A1:B9 on the sheet named Car Loan.
Use Insert
In the Create Names window, select Left column.
See Figure 15.13 for the way it is done.
Also applying names to existing formulas is done the same way as Excel 2003,
using the Insert Menu. The example used here is from the Excel file for the chapter
under the sheet named BEP Example no names.
What we want to do is change the formulas to reflect the names. See the sheet
BEP Example no names in the Chapter 15 Excel file. I want to change the names
in the cells in column C. However, I do not want to recreate the formulas after I
change the names. See Figure 15.14 for the example.
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