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Chapter 18: Using Scroll Bars for Sensitivity Analysis
payment, years, and interest rate. We used the data tables and varied the rate and the
number of years to explore the effect of their changes on the output.
I will demonstrate the way to use the scroll bar instead of
the data table. The first value you are going to link to a scroll bar is the number of
years or the duration of the loan.
To create scroll bars in Excel 2010you have to first add the Developer tab
to your ribbons. Click on the File icon and select Excel Options on the left.
See Figure 18.2. In the Options menu, choose the Customize Ribbon and check on
Developer on the far right. Developer now appears in your ribbons header. For Excel
2007, see appendix below.
The Developer ribbon has an Insert Controls icon that you will use to draw and
use the scroll bars. When you click on the Insert Controls icon, you will see four lines
of icons. The first two lines
or in addition to
icons are used for Forms and the last two lines
icons are
used for Macros (called ActiveX Controls). See Figure 18.3.
FIGURE 18.2 Adding the Developer Ribbon
FIGURE 18.3 The Control Icon and Toolbars on the Developer Ribbon
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