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Chapter 18: Using Scroll Bars for Sensitivity Analysis
You are going to use the Form Controls on the first two lines. On the second line
of the Controls, belonging to the Form Controls icons, select the Scroll Bar. See
Figure 18.4.
When you select the Scroll Bar icon, your mouse pointer will become a thin
crosshair cursor (
). You can draw the scroll bar by dragging the cursor, keeping
the mouse button pressed down. It may take some practice the first time to get the
desired shape and size of your scroll bar. I chose to draw the scroll bar next to
the number of years in cell B6, since the number of years is the first cell that I want
to control. Because scroll bars cannot be named or otherwise identified, it is best to
position them next to the cells that they will control.
The scroll bar is now next to the number of years in cell B6. You are going to
set up some of its parameters. Right-click on the Scroll Bar and choose Format
the last entry on the local menu in Figure 18.5. In the new Format Control
menu, you will enter the values you want to control.
Fill in all the entries in the Format Control menu as follows:
The Current value is that of the parameter you want to control (enter 3, the
number of years currently in cell B6).
The Minimum and Maximum values define the range between which the scroll
bar will have effect. (I chose 1 and 10 years
but you can choose other values.)
This would be the equivalent of the range created in the data table.
FIGURE 18.4 Click on the Scroll Bar Icon and Draw the Scroll Bar
FIGURE 18.5 Scroll Bar Format Control Menu
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