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Chapter 19: Multi-Page Budgets—Going to the Third Dimension
FIGURE 19.1 Creating Six Sheets
FIGURE 19.2 Selecting All Sheets
FIGURE 19.3 The Formulas Will Show Up on All Sheets
sheet tabs. The second option is: Right-click any sheet tab and choose
Select All
in the short menu. All the sheets are selected. You will see the word
in brackets
warning you that all sheets are selected. See Figure 19.2.
When you enter data or format, it will enter the data, the formats, and the
formulas on all sheets. Notice that the Excel Workbook name indicates that
the sheets are grouped and that all the sheets are selected. See Figure 19.2.
When all sheets are selected, you can input the information in all sheets on the
workbook simultaneously. The same data and formulas will appear on all the sheets.
Figure 19.3 shows the information and formulas for the weekly salaries
entered on all sheets.When I created the template for all sheets, I used 0 for the number of
hours. As I enter the data in later, these 0s will be replacedwith the actual hours worked.
In Figure 19.3, you can see the information, formats, and formulas that will
appear on all six sheets. The sheets are completed with the sum of the salaries as you
can see in Figure 19.4.
All six sheets will be identical as long as they stay grouped. If you click on any
one sheet tab, this will de-select the group. The group will be released. You can check
and see that the same information, data, formulas, and formats appear on each of the
individual sheets. They are identical.
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