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A Second Example—Bakers' Supplies
FIGURE 19.9 Formulas for the Total Sheet
Good Taste Bakers
Supplies has four sales centers, located in Miami, New York, Los
Angeles, and Denver. The sales manager in the company
s headquarters wants to
aggregate the sales information for the four different locations. The sales manager
prepared this workbook, containing five sheets (Excel workbook, Chapter 19B). The
sheets are similar in their format and structure. The workbook contains the infor-
mation for the four sites and a company sheet. See Figure 19.10 for details of one of
the four locations, as well as the summary sheet.
The sales manager would like you to sum the information of the four locations
into the summary sheet. To do so, select cell B5 in the company
s sheet, so that you
can sum the other four sheets
B5 cells into it. When B5 is selected, click on the Auto-
sum icon
. Now proceed by clicking on the first sheet
s tab
Miami. The formula
bar will read
SUM(Miami!). Use Shift
click on the last sheet tab you want to
include in the sum
Denver. The formula bar will read
Now click on cell B5 in the company
s sales sheet. When you click the B5 cell it will
sum all the B5 cells from the Miami through the Denver sheets. The formula bar
will read
SUM(Miami:Denver!B5). You can drag the result down to transfer the
formula to the rest of the cells in column B. See Figure 19.11.
Figure 19.12 displays the results. The bottom figure displays the calculated
values and the formulas.
FIGURE 19.10 Bakers Supplies Example
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