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Chapter 20: Lookup Tables
FIGURE 20.4 Using the VLOOKUP Function
Col index num : Which column in the table has the value you want?
The answer is
The second column of the lookup table will result in the letter
Range lookup : Do you want only an exact match? Is an approximate match
okay? If you use TRUE as the last argument, or omit the last argument, an
approximate match will be returned. In this case, you do not insist on an
EXACT match, therefore, you will leave it blank. See Figure 20.5.
Once you obtain one grade you may copy and paste, drag down the results, or
double-click the drag handle to fill the rest of the list in the column as you can see in
Figure 20.6.
Youwill use this function again to obtain the worded Grade in column E. This time
the Col index num is 3: the third column in the Lookup table as shown in Figure 20.7.
Again, once the first cell has the function formula, you can double-click the
crosshair cursor when your mouse hovers over the grab handle to fill the information
in the rest of the column. See Figure 20.8.
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