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An Exact Match Lookup
FIGURE 20.9 The Need for an Exact Match Lookup
FIGURE 20.10 Naming the Lookup Table
To facilitate manipulations later on, give the data range a name. Select the range
F2:I20 and type the word
in the name box. Do not forget to hit Enter to
create the name. See Figure 20.10.
Then use the VLOOKUP function to locate the desired values.
In Figure 20.11, you look up the salaries in the table based on SSN, the Social
Security Number.
Lookup value is the value you want to look up. In this example, the SSN is in A2.
Table array is our lookup table. You called it Range.
Col index num is the column of the table where the value you want is located. Its
value is 4: the fourth column of the lookup table.
Range lookup Do you want an exact match? Is an approximate match okay?
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