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Part One: Using Excel Efficiently
Using Excel Efficiently
Part One describes how Excel, the widely used spreadsheet software, can be used
efficiently to help build your spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. As an MBA
student, an analyst, or an executive, you will develop enough expertise to perform
the same tasks you were performing before
much faster and in
a more efficient way. This part of the topic demonstrates tools, shortcuts, and
techniques for carrying out some common tasks quickly and efficiently.
This part will not turn you into an Excel expert in a short time, but by the end
you should improve the tasks you can do
using other means
the types of tasks that make Excel into
such an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for modeling, finance, statistics, and
data manipulation.
In Part One: Using Excel Efficiently, we cover the AutoFill feature, efficient
selecting, and highlighting in Excel. You will also learn how to use keyboard
selection shortcuts. The next topic covered is how to insert formulas, activate
functions, and use absolute and relative addressing. The last three parts are the
naming of cells and ranges, formatting and conditional formatting, and creating
simple as well as complicated charts and Sparklines.
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