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Excel 2011
Note how in Figure 21.14 the ages are sorted within the gender. You may
sort, using this function, by up to three parameters, each in ascending or descending
Excel 2011
Mac Excel 2011 has the same icons to sort by. See Figure 21.15. The icons are similar
to the Excel 2010 icons. The drop-down menu allows you to choose your sorting
To sort by more than one parameter, you can use the custom sort Data menu.
The custom sort can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu as you see in
Figure 21.15 above or by using the Data menu choosing Data
> Sort. The menu is
shown in Figure 21.16. You may add additional sorting parameters by pressing on
sign on the bottom left of the menu.
FIGURE 21.14 Data Sorted by Age within the Gender Sort
FIGURE 21.15 Sorting Icon and Drop-Down Menu for Excel 2011
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