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Below and Above Average
FIGURE 22.3 Filter by Date
FIGURE 22.4 Filter All Values Above the Average
These are very much self-explanatory: to filter by numbers above the average, click
Above Average; to filter by numbers that are below the average, click Below Average.
The important thing to note is that Excel will calculate by itself the average of your
values list; you do not need to fill in this value anywhere in the sheet. See Figure 22.4.
You may want to reapply/refresh a filter after you make changes in the data.
Click any cell in the range or table, and then click Reapply on the Data ribbon, in the
Sort & Filter group.
If you formatted a range of cells manually or by conditional formatting, you can also
filter the data by formatted colors. It is also possible to filter by an icon set created
through a conditional format.
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