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Chapter 24: Group and Outline Data
FIGURE 24.4 Collapsing the Data
FIGURE 24.5 Group or Collapse with the รพ and Signs
If you click on level 2 on the left icon,
, it will group the data as you see in
Figure 24.4.
To expand the group and show some of the details, click on . Following the
same logic, you can use to hide/collapse them. See Figures 24.3, 24.4, and 24.5.
You can hide or show data on either the columns or rows. You could hide all the
data using the level 1 for both directions. See Figure 24.6.
Try different groupings for the columns and the rows.
To return to a normal view: On the Data ribbon, point to Ungroup, and in the
drop-down menu, select Clear Outline. See Figure 24.7.
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