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Chapter 26: Pivot Tables
FIGURE 26.5 PivotTable Field List
FIGURE 26.6 The Four Fields of the PivotTable
The information that would be useful in this case would be the average ages, and
not the sum of the ages as the default table resulted in. You need the average not the
sum. We have to modify the report settings to instruct the PivotTable Report to
calculate and read average. To get the average, double-click on the words
Sum of
in the table (upper left corner) and choose Average on the Value Field Settings
list. See Figure 26.9 for the menu and the results.
You may have noticed already that the resulting table is not formatted. If you
attempt to format the table in the conventional way or use CTRL
1 from the Format
menu, it will work only once. Should you modify the PivotTable afterward, the
format will be lost.
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