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Chapter 26: Pivot Tables
FIGURE 26.7 Drag the Gender Field to the Left of the Table and the Job Field to the Top
FIGURE 26.8 PivotTable Report
It is better to use the formatting feature of the PivotTable. When you double-click
on the table
you will see on
the lower left side of the menu the Number Format button. Click on it to enable table
formatting. When you use this menu, the format will not change when you change
the table . Figure 26.10 demonstrates the use of the menu and the results.
In the example, the average age of Female Carpenters is 33.50. The average of
the ages of all Machinists is 28.33. The average age of all Males is 37.00. The average
age of all Male Machinists is 28.50.
It is easy to create the type of table that you need for your purposes, using the
other feature the PivotTable provides. This feature enables you to drag-and-drop the
parameters in different fields/areas.
The first thing is to rearrange the layout. Drag the Gender from the Column
Labels area to the Row Labels area. It can be either first or second in the list. I tried
both options. Try to change the order yourself. See Figure 26.11.
s Sum of Ages
activating the Value Field Setting
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