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Chapter 26: Pivot Tables
Now try something else. Drag the Job data to the Column Labels area. The
table PIVOTED . This is why it is called a PivotTable. See Figure 26.12. You can
explore other options by yourself. Most people think that the Pivot Table is the most
powerful feature in Excel.
Before you continue to a more complicated model, try to use some of the filtering
elements of the PivotTable on the same example.
First, try to hide the Carpenters on our table. Click on the arrow next to
Column Labels and eliminate the Carpenters in the drop-down menu. Notice how, in
Figure 26.13, a Filter icon appears, indicating that the fields are filtered.
FIGURE 26.11 Drag and Drop the Fields to Different Positions in the Table
FIGURE 26.12 Pivoted Table
FIGURE 26.13 Filtered Field
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