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Chapter 27: Data Mining Using Pivot Tables
There is a clear negative relationship/correlation between the number of children
and purchases. The more children a customer has, the less he/she spends. To
strengthen the visual impact of Excel, it is preferable to insert a chart.
To insert a chart, go to the Insert ribbon and use the 3-D Column, the one that
Compare values across categories and across series on three axes. Use it
when categories and series are equally important.
See Figure 27.4.
This chart is the best when you use pivot tables for data mining.
After inserting a chart,
the relationship becomes more instantly obvious.
See Figure 27.5.
You can try something else. Add the Own Home parameter in the Column part
of the PivotTable. See Figure 27.6. Drag the field in, and you will see the results. In
our data set, homeowners clearly spend much more money than renters. Notice that
FIGURE 27.4 The Chart to Use for Pivot Tables
FIGURE 27.5 Purchase Amount in Relationship to the Number of Children
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