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AutoFill Options
FIGURE 1.10 Custom List Results
When you complete dragging any of the AutoFill lists, you will see a small Options
icon at the bottom right of the list. When you click on the icon, it will allow you to
choose one of the options. See Figure 1.11.
The AutoFill option recognizes days and dates. When you click on the menu with
a list of dates or days of the week, Excel provides you with the additional options of
choosing days, weekdays only
or even spacing the list out,
incrementing the dates by months or years. See Figure 1.12.
without weekends
When you right-click and drag a numeric series, the menu offers you additional
features as shown in Figure 1.13. The additional feature that could help us more than
the others on the list is the Growth Trend feature. We can think of many other
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