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Appendix: Advanced PivotTable Techniques in Excel 2003
To get even more specific information (data mining), I tried one more thing. I
moved the Product to the top of the sheet to the Filter Area, and then filtered the
PivotTable for different products. I discovered that sales were much higher for
the months of June and December when the data was narrowed down to electronics
only. See Figure 27.15.
The only basic difference between pivot tables in Excel 2007/10 and Excel 2003 is in the
path to activate and the way to modify charts. The other menus work the same way.
To create a chart, click on the Chart Wizard on the PivotTable toolbar.
See Figure 27.16.
FIGURE 27.15 Data Grouped by Month and Filtered for Electronics
FIGURE 27.16 The PivotTable Toolbar
FIGURE 27.17 Choosing the 3-D Chart
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