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Sharing Slicers for More Than One Pivot Table
The Buttons option is about the size of the individual buttons. You may also
choose the number of columns in the slicer on the same Buttons area.
The Size option determines the size of the Slicer itself.
I used these tools to modify the Slicers. See Figure 28.6 for the results. The style
changed, and so did the size of the buttons and the slicers themselves.
You may also want to label the Slicer with a different name. To do so, click on
the Slicer Caption cell and change the name. See Figure 28.7.
You can use one Slicer to control or filter more than one Pivot Table. Any change in the
Slicer is effective on all shared Pivot Tables. To share the Slicer, select the Slicer and:
1. Click on the PivotTable Connection icon.
2. Select the PivotTables you want shared on the menu. See Figure 28.8.
FIGURE 28.6 Modi
ed Slicers
FIGURE 28.7 Changing Slicers
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