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An Example Using the IRR function
An Example Using the IRR function
On the IRR sheet of the Chapter 29 Excel file, you will find a number of projects. See
Figure 29.5. It is clear that Project 4 will yield a negative IRR. Future cash flows are
lower than the initial investment. Unlike the Excel NPV function, the Excel IRR will
include the initial investment (the negative cash flow of time 1) as part of the function.
As you can see in Figure 29.6, I calculated the IRR for Project 1 and included the
initial cash flow of time 0. The resulting IRR is 8.21 percent. I did not enter a value in
the Guess cell. Excel uses the default value of 10 percent for Guess if you do not include it.
In Figure 29.7, I have the rest of the IRR calculations for the other projects. As
expected, Project 4 yields a negative IRR.
Based on the IRR
you should be choosing Project 2 with the highest IRR.
FIGURE 29.5 An IRR Example
FIGURE 29.6 The IRR Function Menu
FIGURE 29.7 Calculated IRRs
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