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The Amortization Table
The next step is to enter the payment dates. If, for example, the first payment of the
mortgage is on March 9, 2009, all future payments will be on the ninth of every month
for the following 300 months. Excel has a nice AutoFill feature that can do that for you.
Type the date March 9, 2009, in cell F2.
Double-click on the drag handle (the lower right corner of the cell when the
pointer becomes a crosshair). It will result in a sequence of daily dates, March 9,
March 10, and so on. Figure 32.5 shows the result. This is the default setting and
is not the desired result in this case.
Since you want the dates to be every ninth day of the month, click on the small
AutoFill menu that appeared at the lower right of the selection and select Fill Months
FIGURE 32.5 Preparing the Payment Dates
FIGURE 32.6 Using the AutoFill Menu for Monthly Dates
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