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FIGURE 2.6 Extend Mode
FIGURE 2.7 Add Mode Reads:
Add to Selection
Extend and Add mode: After you select a starting cell, you can press F8 to enable
the Extend mode (indicated on the right of the status bar by the letters EXT in Excel
2003 and Mac Excel 2011 or Extend Selection in Excel 2007 and 2010). Now you
can use the arrows and select from that point on by repeatedly pressing on the arrow
keys in the direction you want to select. See Figure 2.6.
If you wish to select noncontinuous regions, using the Add mode is much
more efficient than holding the CTRL key while dragging the mouse. The Add mode
allows selecting desired blocks of ranges without holding down the CTRL key. If you
press SHIFT
F8 simultaneously, the status bar will indicate ADD. You can then
use the mouse and select additional regions. See Figure 2.7. The Add mode in Excel
2003 or previous versions of Excel is indicated on the right side of the bottom of
the screen.
You will find these examples in the Excel Chapter 2 file:
1. On Sheet 3 of the workbook Chapter 2, select the entire database using a
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