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FIGURE 3.7 G1 Is Absolutely Addressed
the formula bar or CTRL
Enter) you can double-click the lower left corner of the
function icon next to the formula bar, and it will transfer the formula to the rest
of the cells in the column (or you may drag the formula down). If you check, all the
cells in column F contain the absolutely addressed $G$1. See Figures 3.6 and 3.7.
When you reveal all the formulas you can see that all the formulas are calculated
with G1 as the absolutely addressed cell.
In addition to using formulas, Excel has a variety of different useful functions. I
demonstrate here the use of a few of them.
A commonly used function in Excel is the AutoSum function. In addition to all
the conventional ways to insert functions, AutoSum has a special icon, the Greek
capital Sigma
. If you like, you could sum the Hours, Salary, and Taxes columns on
the same simple payroll function sheet. Start in cell D11 summing the Hours column
D3:D10. When you select the D11 cell
all you have to do is click on the Insert Sum
and see that Excel will attempt to calculate the sum of that column as shown
in Figure 3.8.
To complete the operation, you can press Enter or click the check sign
. A much
more efficient way is to just double-click the AutoSum icon. Try it. The result can be
seen in Figure 3.9.
FIGURE 3.8 AutoSum
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