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Other Functions
FIGURE 3.9 AutoSum Result
FIGURE 3.10 Excel Function Menus
To use all other functions in Excel, you can insert the function by using the
Function icon
next to the formula bar or by using the shortcut Shift
F3. To
insert the Average function in cell D12, click the Function icon or use Shift
F3. The
Function menu will appear on the screen. Click on the drop-down menu and choose
Statistical. See Figure 3.10.
On the menu, select Average and click OK. In the first cell of the Average menu
cell, select D3:D10 and click OK. It will result in the average. See Figure 3.11.
Once you have the two functions as shown in Figure 3.11, you can select the two
results in D11:D12 and place your mouse pointer at the drag handle as shown in
Figure 3.12.
Now drag it to the right through column F, taking advantage of the relative
addressing in the sum and average of all three columns. The results and formulas are
shown in Figure 3.13.
This chapter introduced formulas, functions, and the addressing issues in Excel.
We showed how to use these formulas in a simple way. We also demonstrated how to
take advantage of the shortcuts and the dragging to duplicate the results for entire
columns and rows. The focus is on speed, accuracy, efficiency, and the ability to
duplicate the functions and formulas. We will use these techniques again throughout
the rest of the topic.
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