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Using the Name Menu to Create Names
FIGURE 4.8 Naming the Ranges by the Headers and the Left Column
FIGURE 4.9 Create Name from Selection
FIGURE 4.10 The Name Menu
When you click on the Create Names from Selection , the menu shown in
Figure 4.10 allows you to create the names shown on the top row and the names
in the left column of the selected range.
Now that you have created these names, you can utilize them in formulas and
functions on the same sheet or other sheets in this workbook.
To locate the different named ranges you have created, go to the drop-down
menu next to the Name box and select any name; the range that it represents will be
highlighted on the data range itself. See Figure 4.11.
Now you can take advantage of these names and ranges. For example, you can
calculate the sum of Sales. Without the name, you would have had to use the formula
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