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described in this chapter (the sheet Ranges in the Chapter 4 workbook.) We use:
Create. We use the Create Menu. See Figure 4.20.
To change, edit, delete, or modify the names in Excel 2011 or a previous version,
Define. The Define Name menu will allow you to add, edit, or
delete any of the names as shown in Figure 4.21.
To use the names you can click on the Insert Name icon under Formulas ribbon.
See Figure 4.22.
You will find these examples in the Excel Chapter 4 file:
1. On the sheet Review of Chapter 4, name the region H4:J11 Statistics.
2. Using the Names menu name C4:C7 Quantity, D4:D7 Price, E4:E7 Revenue,
C4:E4 Qrt_1, C5:E5 Qrt_2, C6:E6 Qrt_3, and C7:E7 Qrt_4.
3. Use the names you just created in review problems 1 and 2 to:
a. Calculate the sum of the region H4:J11.
b. Calculate the sum of all the Quantities C4:C7. Add the Revenues for the
second and third quarters using the intersection feature of the name.
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