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New Conditional Formatting Features
These rule choices are simpler to manipulate than in older versions of Excel.
Now you can indicate with two clicks the format a cell will take based on the rule you
chose. You may decide, for example, that all cells with a value higher than 5000 will
have a predetermined background. You can choose one of the six preprogrammed
formats or choose
Custom Format,
which brings up the conventional
menu. See Figure 5.2 for a simple rule.
The simple conditional formats are straightforward and it may take a couple of
trials to make the data look the way you want it to look. Figure 5.3 shows the menu
to select a few other rules.
Excel 2010/11 and 2007 allow you to use a set of Top/Bottom Rules within the entire
formatted range . The Top/Bottom Rules make it easier to format cells based on the
range they are in.
FIGURE 5.2 Format All Cells with Values
FIGURE 5.3 Selecting Other Formatting Rules
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