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Advanced Conditional Formatting
Excel introduced new conditional formatting features in 2007 and added a few new
attributes and icons in Excel 2010. These feature rules include Data Bars, Color
Scales, and Icon Sets. See Figure 5.8.
Using the Data Bars is intuitive. Excel will format the data based on the values
from low to high within the selected range. When we apply the Data Bars conditional
formatting, Excel creates the bars within the selected cell using the smallest and
highest values in the range to create the bars. I used the same formatting rule here on
three different ranges, as you can see in Figure 5.9. Column E uses 1 as the lowest
value of reference and 10 as the highest. Column G uses 10 and 100 respectively, so
this is why the conditional formatting looks the same as column E. The formatted
range in columns I and J use 1 as the lowest and 100 as the highest; this is why it
looks the way it does.
FIGURE 5.8 Top New Formatting Tools in Excel 2007/10/11
FIGURE 5.9 Understanding Data Bars Formatting Range
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