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Appendix: Using the Conditional Formatting in Excel 2003
FIGURE 5.15 Icon Sets Applied to the Numbers 1 to 10
FIGURE 5.16 Icon Sets Applied to a Numerical Example
Using the Icon Sets offers more formatting control and a distinctive appearance
for the worksheet data area. I formatted the values 1 through 10 on different
columns using a few of the Icon Sets so you can get the basic feeling of how they
work. See Figure 5.15.
Now that the concept is clear, we can apply it to an example. Refer again to the
example of Figure 5.12. Apply the Icon Sets and edit the rules with our formatting
ranges. These rules and the result worksheet are shown in Figure 5.16.
Excel 2003 or previous versions are limited to three conditional formats for a cell or
a range of cells. This is in addition to the
no condition
format. To apply the format
use Format
> Conditional Formatting. You can choose from a number of options.
See Figure 5.17.
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