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FIGURE 6.12 Format Chart Menus
If you wish to format the individual column (say Sales for Jun), you may do so
after selecting that column by itself (the second click). If you right-click after the
individual selection, it is possible to format that column by itself. Figure 6.12
demonstrates the procedure.
This is simple. When an individual column is marked (second click), you can
format the individual column by itself. On the local menu, use Format Data Point.
To format the entire series, click only once to select the series and repeat the
procedure explained in Figure 6.12. The complete series will be formatted as shown
in Figure 6.13.
Chart creation in Excel is a powerful tool with many possibilities. I chose to dem-
onstrate only a few charts that are frequently used in the business world. I will discuss
the difference between a line chart and a scatter chart. I will also demonstrate the use
of three-dimensional charts.
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