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Three-Dimensional Charts—Column and Pie
FIGURE 6.16 Create and Move a Chart to a New Sheet
3-D column chart, is shown in Figure 6.16. The figure shows the steps to create and
move the chart to a new sheet.
Excel labels this chart as
Once you have created the column 3-D chart, you may format it for your pre-
sentation. Right-click on an empty area in the chart and choose the 3-D Rotation.
The menu enables you to rotate and change the way the chart looks. See Figure 6.17.
The chart can be formatted to send a clearer message to your audience. There are
many different formatting possibilities and options. Here is one example where I
want to compare apples and bananas. I will use the same type of chart just created,
however, you can apply this formatting technique to any chart type. We can copy and
paste the pictures in a spreadsheet in order to use them in the chart. See the
spreadsheet with the data and pictures in Figure 6.18. I will create a 3-D clustered
column chart, and will use the pictures selected to obtain a stronger visual effect for
this chart.
The chart in Figure 6.19 was created with the sales data on the sheet Apples and
We will use the pictures in Figure 6.18 to
Clustered column with a 3-D visual effect.
this chart.
To enter the apple picture as the Apples data point, I had to select the individual
column in the chart. I clicked the first time to select the series and then clicked again
on the Apples column to select the individual column. I reverted to the sheet with the
pictures, and selected and copied the picture of the apple.
After the apple image was copied, I went back to the sheet with my chart, clicked
on the Apples column and clicked on the paste icon. The result is shown in Figure 6.20.
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