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Pie Charts
FIGURE 6.23 Creating a 3-D Pie Chart
FIGURE 6.24 3-D Pie Chart
I right-clicked on the chart and moved it to a new sheet. The resulting chart is in
Figure 6.24.
The pie chart
can be selected
using the same rule we used before: The first click selects the entire series
as all the other Excel charts created from a series
click, the individual data point . In the example of Figure 6.24, I clicked the first time
on the blue data point representing June sales. I clicked on it a second time
so as to
select the individual data point. I was then able to drag it out to put more emphasis
on the June sales for my presentation. See Figure 6.26.
Try again the other options Excel provides for charts. Right-click and use the 3-D
To enter pictures into a pie wedge, right-click on the data point (June in our
example). Choose Format Data Point and use Fill
Picture or Texture Fill. Click on
the File icon and select a picture. See Figure 6.26.
The resulting chart is shown in Figure 6.27. With the pie chart, you cannot copy
and paste pictures as you did with the other charts. With pie charts, you have to
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