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Appendix: Generating Charts in Excel 2003 and Mac Excel 2011
The Data Labels menu allows showing the values, the series, and/or category
names on the chart. With the Data Table checked you will have the complete data of
this chart shown under the chart itself.
The last step in creating the chart is to specify the location of the chart. I chose
As object in
in the same sheet; you also have the option to place the chart
new sheet
in the active workbook. See Figure 6.32.
The result is illustrated in Figure 6.33.
If at some time in the future, you wish to change any of the chart features or
change the chart
s location, you may do so by right-clicking on an empty space on
the chart. See Figure 6.34. A local menu allows you to choose your preferences. You
may change the chart type, add or delete data within the source Data, or bring back
the Chart Options for the different attributes shown in the previous figures.
For this chart, we used the months in the first column for the time on the X-axis
and the sales information of the second data column for the Y values of the chart. If
FIGURE 6.32 Chart Location Options
FIGURE 6.33 Finished Chart
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