Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2
14. Open the My Computer window, and then open the My Documents folder that is
designed to contain your documents.
15. Open a folder in the My Documents window that you did not open in the tutorial.
List the name and contents of that folder.
16. Close the My Documents window.
17. Start Windows Explorer. Use the Folders pane to navigate to the same folder you
opened in Step 14. What steps did you perform?
18. Change the view of the icons in the right pane of the Windows Explorer window.
What view did you select? Describe the icons in the Windows Explorer window.
19. Close the Windows Explorer window.
20. Open the Help and Support Center window.
21. Use the Help and Support Center window to learn something new about Windows
Explorer. What did you learn? How did you find this topic?
22. Use the Index page to find information about the topic of speech recognition, a feature
new to Windows XP. How many topics are listed? What is their primary subject matter?
23. Use the Search box to find information about the topic of speech recognition. How
many topics are listed?
24. Open the Home page in the Help and Support Center window, click What’s new in
Windows XP, and then click Windows XP Articles: Walkthrough ways to use your PC.
25. Click Walkthrough: Making Music.
26. Read the Get Started page. ( Hint: The contents of the article are listed in a box in the
upper-left corner of the window. Each topic is a link you can click to go to another
page in the article.)
27. Click the links in the contents box, and then answer the following questions using the
information you find:
a. How can you listen to music using Windows XP?
b. What is a playlist? What is the first step you take to create one?
c. What is the advantage of listening to Internet radio?
28. Close Help, and then close WordPad.
29. Shut down or log off Windows.
Case Problem 1
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
JL Productions JL Productions is a company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that produces videos
and hosts advertising events for businesses in the Midwest. You have recently been hired
by Julian Letice, the owner of JL Productions, to help him with office management. Your
first task is to explore Julian’s new Windows XP computer. Because he is visually oriented,
he is particularly interested in features that improve the appearance of his desktop or that
would enhance the materials he sends to his clients. Complete the following steps:
Use the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to explore the contents
of other folders on
your computer for
JL Productions.
1. Start Windows XP and log on, if necessary.
2. From the desktop or the Start menu, open My Computer, and then maximize the window.
3. If necessary, change the My Computer window to Tiles view, arrange icons by type, and
organize icons by group. ( Hint: Click View on the menu bar, point to Arrange Icons by,
and then click Show in Groups.) List the names of the drives on your computer.
4. Click the Shared Documents link in the Other Places area of the Tasks pane. What are
the names of the Shared folders within this folder?
5. Display the Folders pane in the My Computer window. ( Hint: Click the Folders button
on the Standard Buttons toolbar.) Where is the Shared Documents folder located in the
folder structure of your computer? Describe its relation to the My Documents folder.
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