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Session 2
Case Problem 3
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Yamamoto Research Ken Yamamoto runs a small business called Yamamoto Research,
which researches and tests consumer products, focusing on those used in the home health
care industry. Ken has created many files and folders on his new Windows XP computer,
and asks you to catalog his options for working in the My Computer window. Complete
the following steps:
Extend what you’ve
learned to customize
the My Computer
window for a consumer
research organization.
1. Open the My Computer window. Open each menu in the My Computer window, and
write down any items that seem related to changing the appearance of the window.
2. Display the My Computer window so that no toolbars appear. Then restore the win-
dow to its original condition.
3. Navigate to a folder containing graphic files. Display the icons using Thumbnail view.
4. Change the view to Icons view. Describe the differences among Icons, Thumbnail,
and Tiles view.
5. In Icons view, arrange the icons by type. Then arrange them by name.
6. Switch to Details view. On the View menu, open a dialog box that lets you choose
the details displayed in Details view. Note which items are currently checked.
7. Use the Choose Details dialog box to show only the name, type, and size of the items
in Details view. Close the Choose Details dialog box and then sort the contents of the
My Computer window by size.
8. Use the Choose Details dialog box to restore your original settings. Then sort the con-
tents of the My Computer window by name.
9. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options to open the Folder Options dialog box.
Select the option that uses Windows Classic folders, and then click the OK button.
Describe the changes in the My Computer window.
10. Open the Folder Options dialog box again and click the Restore Defaults button.
11. Open the Help and Support Center window from the My Computer window and
search for information about folder options. Find a definition of hidden files, and how
to hide and show hidden files in the My Computer window. Record your findings.
12. Close all open windows.
Case Problem 4
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Janus Translation Several years ago, Doug Janus and Mohammed Amos started a
company that translates software programs so that they can be used in Europe, Asia,
and South America. Doug often works from home, and recently set up a computer
running Windows XP. He asks you to help him get connected to the Internet. You sug-
gest using the Help and Support Center to find information. Doug also needs to know
more about the Help and Support Center itself. Complete the following steps:
Work with the skills
you’ve learned, and use
the Internet, to provide
information to a
translation company.
1. In the Help and Support Center, find information about the hardware and software
Doug needs to connect to the Internet.
2. Use the Help and Support Center to find two ways that Doug can connect to the
Internet. Describe these two methods.
3. Choose a topic you’d like to research using the Windows XP online Help system. Look
for information on your topic using the Help and Support Center Home page, Index
page, Search box, and Support page. ( Hint : Click the Support button on the navigation
bar to open the Support page.) From the Support page, go to a Windows Web site forum
to research your topic. (You must be connected to the Internet to complete this step.)
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